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A lifesaver Snack: RX Bars

Note: This post is not sponsored nor do I currently work with RXBAR (maybe one day). This is just a girl sharing my favorite on-the-go snack.

Everyone needs a snack to carry around at all times for when the food options aren’t great, you unintentionally skip a meal, have a million hours of class, tragedy happens and there’s no food around or that blood sugar just dips way too low.

I know I personally have a hard time keeping my blood sugar levels stable at times. I definitely experienced this to new heights during my Disney College Program.

Before I was in college I never had protein bars or granola bars as I never had anything with nuts in it since my brother has a severe severe severe peanut allergy. Additionally, he’s allergic to tree nuts and a million other things that I'm sure you’ll come to realize.

I still avoid peanuts and anything peanut butter whether I’m living with him or even when I'm a million miles away. The smell and even the slightest taste from cross contamination of peanuts/peanut butter makes me extremely nauseous.

However, my dietitian that I had in 2019 highly recommended these RX bars for me to try and I was all-in. Specifically because they had a coffee chocolate flavor and I was not allowed caffeine at the time. So, you know I was having serious withdrawals. I also constantly saw them on social media from some of my favorite health bloggers and dietitians. Oh, the influence social media can have, but genuinely social media really does give you some gems.

I love these protein bars because they have a nice balanced mix of protein, carbs and fats to keep me full and satiated for a long time. Plus, they are made with simple ingredients and have no added sugar which I appreciate. Nuts are also a highly recommended snack for a fat source, hormonal health, HA recovery and other health benefits. These protein bars/oats are the only way I eat any type of nuts which is certainly a plus for me.

The protein bars are sweetened with dates which provides a great source of natural sugar for when you need that boost of energy.

To this day these bars have fixed many headaches, many droopy moments, and were essential as a college student, Disney cast member, and just as a genuine busy individual.

On days where I had nine hours of class time, I always used to eat an RX protein bar with an Iconic or OWYN protein shake in my middle class to fuel my brain. Even if I didn't have nine hours of class I would sometimes still use this combination as a pick-me up in my afternoon or late evening courses.

These bars actually taste good and I often look forward to having one rather than dreading this snack.

Unfortunately, RX Bar discontinued my all-time favorite flavor of Coffee Chocolate. (If anyone happens to be reading this from RX I am begging for this flavor to make a comeback please). However, there are so many other good flavors to try.

I do recommend trying a few flavors before deciding whether or not you like the protein bars. For example, I hated the blueberry flavor and even chocolate chip is not my favorite surprisingly, but the flavors like maple sea salt, pumpkin spice, and mint chocolate are incredible. My cousin also wasn’t in love with the flavors he tried, but then I gave him a ton from my stash and he ended up really liking them. Mint Chocolate was his No.1.

My top 10 flavor ranking as of August 2022.

1. Coffee Chocolate

This is the first RX bar flavor I ever tried and I fell in love. I am absolutely devastated that it’s no longer in production, but maybe one day it’ll make its return.

2. Pumpkin Spice

If I’m ranking a flavor, and there’s a pumpkin flavor involved you can very well expect it to be at the top of my list. Call me basic, but I love pumpkin anything and everything.

3. Mint Chocolate

A controversial combination as you either love it or you hate it. I’m team mint chocolate all day every day. This flavor reminds me of the Andes Mints you always get at the end of your meal at Olive Garden.

4. Maple Sea Salt

This is the most underrated flavor in my personal opinion. I feel like no one hypes this one up on social media, but it is the absolute perfect fall flavor. I love pairing it with coffee or a coffee protein shake. In one particular semester on a day where I had nine hours of class I used to do the maple sea salt rx bar with a cold brew owyn protein shake. It was my go-to Jazz Music History meal as I often did not have a lunch on those days.

5. Snickerdoodle

This flavor was brand new last winter and I genuinely had never had anything snickerdoodle before. I found myself gravitating towards this flavor more than the other ones. It was perfect for when you didn’t want anything chocolate or anything fruity-ish flavored. I’m looking forward to when this flavor hits stores again soon.

6. Chocolate Sea Salt

It’s chocolatey good and the added sea salt on top makes it absolute perfection in taste. It can just get a little messy especially on those hot days.

7. Chocolate Raspberry

Everytime I have this flavor it grows on me more and more. It definitely reminds me of the perfect Valentine's day chocolate. I also somehow feel like this flavor fills me up more than the other ones which is interesting and I have zero explanation for that one.

8. Vanilla Almond

Similarly to the Chocolate Raspberry flavor this one definitely had to grow on me. I really enjoy that it's more of a neutral flavor and isn’t chocolate or has a distinct taste to it. It is a tad bit on the sweeter side compared to other flavors which is why it's ranked at No. 8 on my list.

9. Gingerbread

I feel like this is very interchangeable with Vanilla Almond. I genuinely love this flavor, but I guess because it's more limited I ranked it lower. I also feel like you can pair vanilla almond with anything and not so much gingerbread. I appreciate ginger-ish things for when my sensitive stomach decides to flare-up for sure.

10. Pecan

I honestly only had this flavor a few times while it was in-season last year, so it doesn’t have as many tries as the flavors above do. It's similar to maple sea salt since they both use pecans whereas the other flavors don’t! I have nothing bad to say about it at all.

I have tried the majority of flavors, but there are so many I’m sure there’s some I have not gotten my hands on yet. Plus, I obviously don’t eat any of the bars that consist of peanuts.

RX bar has also launched new lines of bars in recent years such as RX Kids, RX Layer, RX Plant-Based and RX A.M.

RX Kids are a great on-the-go option. They are definitely more catered to kids and don’t have the same amount of protein as the regular bars. I enjoy eating these for a smaller snack on-the-go. I find myself using the strawberry bars in a parfait quite often or as an additive to my lunches/dinners when I’m working.

I love the Chocolate Almond RX Layer protein bar. It’s a great option, but can get a little bit messier than the regular bars.

The Plant-Based RX bars are a decent choice. I would definitely buy again for a nice protein option when I do a vegan day of eating at times. (I could not go fully vegan, but for a while I incorporated one vegan day per month to switch up the meals and I want to do that again heading into 2023 for fun!) They are super crumbly though and definitely create a mess. I much prefer the regular bars if I had a choice between the two.

The RX A.M. bar is the newest product of the line from RX and I absolutely loved it. It has oats in it which gives it a tad more of a granola bar feel, but it's so limited that the bar remains easy to chew and doesn't make a mess which I appreciate heavily. No one likes a mess when they are eating on the go. I definitely recommend trying these out and they come in a chocolate flavor which is amazing for all the chocolate lovers' out there!

RX bar has a mini line that I hope they add some more flavors too. I don't tend to purchase them because they come in a variety pack with a peanut butter flavor or coconut, but I can promise you I'll be the first person in line when its a variety pack of flavors I like or an individual pack of the chocolate sea salt ones.

Another great option from RX is the RX Oats. One of the most filling breakfast options I tend to have. Again, the products have such a good balance of protein, fats, and carbs to give my body just exactly what it needs. The chocolate flavor is my favorite option, and this is a great on-the-go breakfast to bring to work as the cup just needs water added to it. I even have it for lunch sometimes!

The RX brand is available in the majority of grocery stores, on their website or on Amazon. Not all stores carry the same product lines/flavors though!

Have you tried RX bars? If so, what is your favorite flavor?



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