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Chocolate Dairy Delight

A high protein chocolate smoothie that tastes as close to a milkshake as you can get

with no ice cream involved.

When the chocolate craving hits and you want a tasty healthy smoothie to go with it this is the perfect recipe for you. This Chocolate Dairy Delight smoothie incorporates over 35 grams of protein, has healthy fat and carb sources, and is delicious. It's perfect for dessert, snack, breakfast.. or whatever meal you desire to include it with.

To begin you'll need the following ingredients:

Milk: I highly encourage using 2% dairy milk for higher satiety, taste satisfaction and ultimate creaminess. I use the Lactaid 2% milk which means it is lactose free liquid for my lactose intolerant friends. Dairy based drinks almost always make for a better smoothie blend and a better smoothie.

Greek Yogurt: I take one of the individual vanilla Greek Yogurt cups from Two Good to incorporate Into the smoothie. One individual cup equates to approximately 1/2c of Greek Yogurt.

Frozen Banana: While you can use a fresh banana, I prefer frozen whenever possible for additional coldness, thickness and creaminess. It's also cost effective for bananas turning bad, and eliminates some of the super strong banana taste that can sometimes come with banana smoothies.

Chocolate Protein Powder: The chocolate protein powder definitely makes the the chocolate taste truly come alive in the recipe. I use one scoop of my favorite Iconic Chocolate Protein Powder.

Cacao Powder: Cacao powder is unsweetened chocolate that some may say is more bitter than cocoa powder. I prefer using cacao powder for the additional health benefits it provides from the cacao plant, and the extra fiber it brings to the recipe. I use 1 tbsp of the Navitas cacao powder. This combines wit the chocolate protein powder is what makes it truly chocolatey.

Cacao Nibs: Adding a little crunch to your smoothie is always a great idea. My favorite milkshake grown up was always a chocolate chip milkshake. Cacao nibs are similar to chocolate chips and give an added boost of nutrition to the recipe . I use around 1/2 to 1 full tbsp of Navitas cacao nibs to this smoothie. But, honestly feel free to add as much or as little as you would like.

Blend this baby up with ice and you have one nutritious chocolate heaven protein smoothie to enjoy.



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