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Corn Muffin Waffles

Cornbread flavored everything. Yes, please. Corn Muffins are actually one of my favorite muffin flav

ors of all-time and it's a crime that it’s not as popular as the others around the country. 

But TikTok trends may just change that soon with the recent desire to make everything cornbread flavored. And I am down!


My type of corn muffin/cornbread is a homestyle pastry sweet approach. It just never quite dawned on me to put cream of corn into a muffin/bread. 


I’ve made it into a tradition of making corn muffins every year for every holiday during the festive season. In recent years, I’ve been adapting a recipe found from Christi at Sum of Yum.


While the corn muffin tradition will continue, I decided to get a little creative and craft my new favorite Thanksgiving breakfast: Corn Muffin Waffles.

Corn Muffin Waffles for breakfast and Corn Muffins for dinner/dessert. Pretty much, how I like to spend my holidays. (I really only enjoy corn muffins and stuffing when it comes to the holiday feast.)


These corn muffin waffles are gluten free, high protein, and family-friendly for the breakfast table. 


You’ll need:

To begin, grab a mixing bowl and put 2 scoops of the Buttermilk Pamcakes Pancakes mix in the bowl with the 1/4c of cornmeal. 

Then, place the 2 tbsp of baking powder on top of the mix. You will want to pour the liquid egg whites and milk on top of the baking powder for enhanced fluffiness. The baking powder with the egg white combinations allows your waffle batter to rise. Whisk your ingredients together while adding water as needed. 

I tend to not have a significant sweet tooth; therefore, I don’t find it necessary to add any additional sweetener. However, I have made these in the past for family members and added 1 to 2 tsp of natural honey. 

While the batter rises for a few minutes, you can begin heating up your waffle maker. I’m a huge fan of the Dash mini waffle makers for easy cooking and convenience. I

f you really want to get fancy, you can even try out some of the brand's fun holiday themed shapes like a leaf for thanksgiving or snowflake for winter festivities. 


Once the waffle maker is heated up, I use a tbsp or spoon to place my batter into the waffle maker and let the light on my waffle maker inform me of when to switch it out. 

When it’s all done cooking, make sure you don’t forget the fun part aka the toppings.

I always pair this one with Greek yogurt and cinnamon powder.

You can save 10% on your Pamcakes Pancakes mixes by using my code/link (KatieKreates)



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