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2022 Year in Review

Time flies... I can hardly believe we have already hit the time to turn the page into a new year. But when you look back it’s also insanely crazy to acknowledge everything you’ve done, everything you’ve accomplished and everything you’ve been through in the last year.

I feel like 2022 has certainly held some of my highest moments but did not shy away from struggles.

I did gain some independence, some skills on self-advocating and maybe learned how to set boundaries. My friends would argue that last one is questionable though.


Worked at the time… my last shift at Starbucks… with the most wonderful, amazing people.

And they all took me out to dinner at Olive Garden. Just missing a few because COVID was running wild.

My dad and I took a trip to Florida for my DCP. Saying goodbye to the fam was hard, navigating eating on the road was tough, but I was optimistic and excited about working for the mouse.

On the road trip down, we celebrated my dad’s birthday with some blueberry muffins and dark roast coffees from Starbucks (our new tradition) and visited family in Georgia! My first time in Georgia and I became OBSESSED with Savannah. I need to go back asap.

Moved into my DCP apartment and was so excited about all the content I was going to create…. And yep, that did not happen like planned (the content creation part)

I did get the opportunity to spend a day at the park with my aunt, uncle, and cousin at Magic Kingdom, took the chance to do some exploring, and was blessed with the best roommates I could ask for.

Oh... and BAWLED my way through traditions… a day I’ll never forget.

On the other side...

I doubted that I would finish my program at times. I used the motivation of shipping orders to my new apartment as a reason to stay. I caught on in training quickly, but the change of environment was tough for me physically on my body. No one talks about how climate change can impact the way you need to fuel, the way you need to adapt, and the effects it has on you. This also could just be as someone who never travels out of CT.

However, I quickly fell in love with my location. I was grateful for the incredible coordinators I had throughout my program and made some of the best friends with the other cast members.


Park blockouts certainly became more of a thing, but I was able to have some fun runs after work with the roommates.

I also worked at the ESPN merch expo for princess weekend which was one of my favorite shifts I ever worked during the DCP! I will do a rundisney race one day……

Also started working with a dietitian for a bit myself and I’m so grateful for the fact I invested in myself.


I got to see Frozen on Broadway and it was such a magical experience. I absolutely love Frozen, and the performance was impeccable.

Also made another roommate date trip to the Grand Floridian Cafe. 10/10 recommendation… my favorite place for breakfast/lunch on property.

Most of the month and my program I worked 50–60-hour weeks and they were certainly long and grueling especially if you consider adding in travel time…. There wasn’t a lot of me time which is something that certainly impacted me.

I also felt terrible because I couldn't keep up with all the responsibilities I wanted too outside of the program. It was definitely all work for me and not much play.


Turned 22, but I honestly worked a 14-hour shift, so I forget I even turned 22 most days ha-ha. I said goodbye to one of my roommates as she left :-(, but we had a few last incredible adventures together attending the Rundisney race expo march, hitting up breakfast at Ohana’ and gazing around Disney Springs.

Another month where I seriously racked up hours. I made way more money than I spent during my DCP, but I know that’s not the same for everyone. It truly depends on your location.


Surprised my family at home for my graduation weekend! I didn’t attend the actual graduation, but I attended my awards ceremony where I was awarded the recipient of the academic award for the student dedicated to the field of public relations and received my Greek award medals for graduating summa cum laude. I also got to meet one of my best friends’ babies and got to see some friends/family.

I also navigated flying by myself which is a great accomplishment speaking the fact I only flew once before in my entire life.

After that trip home I made it a goal to do more fun things whenever I saw fit.

I went on some adventures with friends that included seeing the Stanley Cup at Disney Springs, exploring around Epcot, and grabbing Starbucks whenever we could.


Quite possibly my favorite month of the year looking back. I learned that maybe I didn’t need to have only one day off a week and giving away shifts was a thing that could happen.

I lived a bit more, spent money on merchandise for myself and ever more for my family. Plus, I earned my graduation ears.

I went on some solo dates for an Ice Cream Sandwich and took a trip to the movies in Disney Springs to see Lightyear.

My friend from college was starting her program, so I spent time with her in Disney Springs and we also rode the skyliner together for the first time en route to Sci-Fi dine-in for a wonderful evening meal.

My dad came to pick me up and I was able to take him to MK, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios for a few hours. Something I have dreamt of for a while. We had our first dole whips, a million sandwiches from Earl of Sandwich, hugged Olaf and took photos in front of the castle.

Yes. I also bawled my eyes out watching Enchantment with the best view and seeing him experience the magic that brings me and so many others joy.

I was heartbroken to leave my happy place, but also relieved that my body could rest for a bit and I could spend some time with my family.

The memories will never leave and I am FOREVER grateful I had the opportunity to call myself a cast member and maybe I'll be a cast member once again in the future. For now, I'm a Disney alumni and will hold that close to my heart.


One of the hardest months of the year. For the first time I had no actual job and went from 60 hours a week to nothing. So instead. I went on walks around the same boring blocks and launched my blog platform which I can’t wait to improve upon in 2023. But I did go on some fun family/friend adventures and got to meet up with a few close friends. I also decided I was 1000% committed to applying to graduate school.


A month of regrouping for sure. I felt like I started to find a bit of a rhythm. I began working back up at Starbucks. I genuinely love working for Starbucks and being able to work with amazing other people. I also began to fully develop graduate school materials for applications while trying to navigate the application process.


I don’t really recall anything special happening in September, but I do recall watching my brother win a world championship from my living room so I will take that as the big win for the month.

My family all started working and going to school, so this month was filled with adjustments and me doing a bit more walking to work despite not loving the area. Got a bit more of my independence back, but I miss having my own place at times. Also miss living in an exciting walkable area. Where there were things to do besides the mall….

I did some freelance public relations/ communications work and did a whole lot of networking for graduate school opportunities.


Sorry friends… my life clearly got way less interesting as the year went on. We definitely need to upgrade that for 2023. I was able to accomplish a favorite family activity with apple picking at the orchid. With everyone working 40+ hours weekly and my brother's ridiculous involvement in school activities; t’s a miracle when it's a non-band related family outing.

I cheered my brother on from the stands at all his marching band competitions, did a ton of coffee beverage crafting, wrote up some recipes, and tackled what felt like a million statement of purpose pieces for grad school.

Graduate school applications are so different from undergraduate in the sense that every single application really needs to be catered to the individual school. You have to make sure that you identify why that specific university fits your life and how not only you individually will benefit from the school, but how the school will benefit from you.

I also did a bunch of supplemental pieces as well because I need an assistantship in order to attend a university for financial assistance.


I officially finished my graduate school application this month!!!! I found some time to hang out with friends as well by making a few trips with my mom to work! Playabowls and working applications at Starbucks followed by meeting up with my roommate from sophomore year of college was a core memory for me and I’m looking forward to doing it again soon. I spent a little bit of time helping my grandparents decorate for Christmas and did some shopping with them for my own family.

I also opened winter launch day with one of my besties who is the most talented artist I've ever met. She drew our sign which is incredible.

One of my Starbucks favorite drinks was officially back aka the sugar cookie almond milk latte.

I worked red cup day for the first time ever and made sure to grab mine. I also finally had my first cream cheese pumpkin muffin of the year at some point during the month! I made it a muffin/pastry date with my parents one day! I surprised them with the goodies after work.

My dad’s cousin Lisa came up from Georgia, so it was super nice to see her and bring her along on my mom and I’s annual black Friday trip to Kohls after a super early opening shift at Starbucks.

Plus, I spent Thanksgiving with my mom’s family, and I haven’t seen them in over two years so that was definitely a nice bonus!


I spent a lot of time in December at work. I mean I do work at a mall after all. I did some holiday wrapping, holiday decorating, and made some holiday treats. Luckily, I work with the best people so even the hardest days are made okay. Plus, I love working. I seriously cannot not do anything. I know it's a great and terrible character trait. Recently, I’ve been gearing up for NCAA gymnastics seasoning and did a bunch of Fantasy gymnastics drafts last minute for some personal joy in life.

Christmas was very low key in my house, but it was so needed as everyone has been running around like crazy. I got to hear my uber talented brother play the trumpet at church and forced the family into family photos with matching pajamas.

Now... I'm looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings for me. I have some goals/habits I’d love to work on which includes creating more content for my blog and my personal platforms. I’m looking forward to seeing where I land for graduate school, and I’m very excited for an upcoming opportunity I have to present at a conference in March.

Here's to living life fully in 2023.. experiencing everything that comes your way.. enjoying all the good things in life... fueling yourself for success.. and caring less about others thoughts.

Ready to turn the page into a new chapter.



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