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6 ways to pull yourself out of a rut

We all have those days where you just want to lay in bed and do nothing.. sometimes it is great to have a day to lay in bed. For a person who always needs to feel busy like me.. it truthfully just does not serve me very well for my own mental state.

1. Go for a walk

I love walking.. I wish the whole world was more walkable and was more safe to walk because I would legit walk everywhere. It's definitely one of my main factors in picking a graduate school I want to attend because that very well could also be my home for the next few years. One of my favorite things about living in Disney was the walkability of Starbucks from my apartment and the fact you can walk around Disney Springs and the Parks all the time.

A walk always give me major endorphin boosters with the physical exercise it provides combined with some Vitamin D from the sun

Bonus points if you can walk to get food, coffee or even go for a walk with a friend/family. One of my favorite ways to relax between classes and homework in college was a weekly walk downtown with my good friend Ariana! We would usually grab Starbucks, Dunkin' or Playabowls between classes. It was certainly a highlight of my week.

2. Make plans with a friend.

Well.. that one kind of lended itself into my next tip. Make plans with a friend or family member. Keep it simple.. you can even keep it quick, but the accountability and social interaction always puts me in a better move. It's also key to have friends that you can truly trust and understand you. Coffee and mall dates are my absolute favorite ways to spend time with people.

3. Change your environment

Sometimes.. I just need a change of scenery. When we were all stuck home due to COVID-19.. I would love breaking up my day with a quick drive around town (back when gas prices were not through the roof) and I tended to spend the day in my bedroom, but nights in my living room with schoolwork. Now.. if I can.. I much prefer to work at a coffee shop for a few hours along with my home for a little change.

4. Take a shower/bath

I know it sounds really simple.. but I always find myself feeling 10000x better after taking a nice shower. Sometimes.. I can be guilty of taking too many showers in a day and drying out my skin. Midday showers were also a vibe I picked up when working from home as they broke up the day and allowed me to take a break from my computer.

5. Cook a nice meal or order takeout

I love to cook and bake, so I tend to make some of my comfort foods on days when I'm in a funk. I typically end up making a day of breakfast foods featuring my Protein Pancake mix, Pamcakes Pancakes, Oatmeal pancakes, Smoothies and Avocado Toast. However, some prefer takeout and that's perfectly okay too. Just remember to fuel your body!

6. Dance it out

Dance has always been my passion and it is such a great way to let out your emotions. Blast some music.. go hard with some Beyonce or take the slow emotional route with Dermot Kennedy. Either way.. you are certain to be in a better mood by the end. The biggest challenge for me has always been space in my home. I definitely miss those studio dance days.



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