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Banana Yogurt Pancakes

I make a lot of recipes with protein powder, but believe it or not, it wasn’t always something I always had in my diet. The usage of protein powder came during my college years which means I lived the majority of my life without ever touching protein powder.

I also know that protein powder is not something everyone has in their household or is something that is enjoyed by all.

This Banana Yogurt Pancake recipe was my go-to option for dinner with those late night dance rehearsals I had. I’m not sure about any other fellow dancers out there, but my dance classes never ever ever ended on-time so I always wanted something quick, easy, nutritious and tasty when I got home. Plus, my class always ran into DWTS on Monday nights and I just wanted to watch my one tv show.

This meal has a great balance of macronutrients and I find that I always sleep well when I have oatmeal pancakes for dinner or a late-night snack.

Eat your carbs and eat them whenever your little heart desires!

This recipe also uses simple ingredients that are readily available in most households. I made this recipe for my grandparents one night and they both absolutely loved it! They are always my toughest critics because they aren't quite into "health" food per say and also go out to restaurants all the time, so when they love it, I know its real.

The first step is to take ½ cup of oats and grind it to a flour-like consistency. I always use a coffee grinder for optimum results, but I also know you can use a blender to grind them as well. In recent years, I’ve started seeing oat flour pop-up in the grocery stores, So if you do want something a bit more convenient that is another option for you.

Next grab your banana and mash it in a bowl. I love mashing bananas as it is a very therapeutic way to get the day’s stress or personal anger out. I suggest using a medium to large banana for a better bind in the pancakes.

This recipe uses no protein powder, but you definitely get protein in this recipe from the next few ingredients.

You want to add in 2 whole eggs and ¼ cup of Greek yogurt. Both of these ingredients add protein and healthy fats to the recipe. I typically just use ½ a single serving container of the Vanilla Two Good Greek Yogurt and use the other half as a cooking snack, pancake topping or smoothie additive.

Before you begin whisking the ingredients, add in the baking powder, cinnamon and vanilla extract for added flavor, fluffiness and taste. I typically add 1 tbsp of baking powder, loads of cinnamon and ½ tsp of vanilla to the batter.

I love that this is a healthier recipe packed with nutrition that uses easy accessible groceries for the common individual. These ingredients also tend to be on the cheaper side and with inflation at its highest and food insecurity stronger than ever, I find it is as important as ever to share these easy healthy cheap recipe hacks with friends and family.



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