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Protein Pumpkin Fluff

Okay, I post about my protein fluff recipe all the time that I felt like it needed a permanent spot on my page. It's simple and this will certainly be a shorter recipe post, but nevertheless it's a good one.

As I mentioned before, it was inspired by my sophomore year college roommate, Christa, who told me to add protein powder to my Greek yogurt. I amped it up a bit by also adding canned pumpkin into the Greek yogurt as well.

This is a staple breakfast, snack, dessert, “frosting” etc., in my diet. I love that it tastes amazing, incorporates canned pumpkin for some extra nutrients, and utilizes protein powder for additional protein.

The nice part of this recipe is you can alternate the flavor of the fluff depending on the protein powder flavor you use. I like to do chocolate protein powder, vanilla protein powder or coffee flavored protein powder since I find those combinations work the best with canned pumpkin.

I use ½ a cup of Two Good Greek Yogurt with ½ cup of canned pumpkin and ½ scoop of protein powder. Mix it all in a bowl and enjoy!

I tend to always use my Iconic Protein Powder with this recipe, but you can use whatever protein powder you choose too.

I highly recommend making sure your canned pumpkin has been refrigerated beforehand to keep the coldness factor.

I love to use this recipe as a frosting for some of my homemade cupcakes as well. It adds a bit more nutrition to cupcakes and is more fun than plain cupcakes. (I genuinely do not like typical frosting.)

It also pairs super nicely with a homemade muffin, chocolate chips, graham crackers, cereal toppings. etc.

Give it a try and tag me @katiekreates_ in all your different creations.



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