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The Thickest and Fluffiest Protein Pancakes

The thickest, fluffiest and some of the tastiest pancakes you’ll ever make in your entire life just happen to power pack in a bunch of nutrients at once.

I experimented with this recipe when I was under-the-weather with a stomach bug, and it had just the right amount of plainness yet was full of flavor on the inside.

I love protein sources, but when you are sick it can be one of the hardest nutrients to consume. Powders are an easy solution for me when that occurs, but I happened to be out of vanilla protein powder (and plain chicken and plain turkey) during this time (it was such an inconvenience). However, it allowed me to discover new ways to get in some protein in a plain fashion. I incorporated a whole egg, egg whites, my protein pancake mix, and collagen powder to amp up the protein aspect of this recipe.

I use egg whites a lot when I make my protein Pamcakes recipes, but full eggs have so many other health benefits with the yolk. I highly recommend incorporating both in your diet if you can handle it! I also personally don’t like egg yolk unless it's cooked in baked goods/pancakes which is why a lot of my sandwiches/ Starbucks favorites primarily use egg whites.

Another goal of mine was incorporating as many fruits as possible and veggies that my digestive system could handle. Plus, you can never go wrong with adding fresh fruit to pancakes. Bananas always help make pancakes fluffier and are one of the top recommended foods to eat when you are under the weather. Bananas have potassium and soluble fiber that help to improve digestion and replenish electrolytes. We also had fresh blueberries around and fresh berries certainly do not last long in my household, so I wanted to be sure I used them to help absorb more nutrients. Can you believe there was a time where I absolutely HATED blueberries? Now I literally devour blueberries anytime I see them around.

This recipe is a new favorite of mine, and I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be this good.

That’s always when the best recipes happen though. when you aren’t planning on it

You’ll need:

To start you’ll grab a mini bowl. I love using the $1 Room Essentials plastic bowl line from Target. Cheap, dishwasher safe and so many fun colors. Literally I recommend everything room essentials especially if you are in a state of constant moving. Mash your banana well with a large fork. For easier mashing, slice the banana pieces first.

Then, take your mixing bowl and add in the 2/3 cup of Buttermilk Protein Pancake mix, 2 scoops of vital proteins unflavored collagen, and the mashed banana. Then add in your whole egg, baking powder and egg whites. Afterwards, grab your fresh blueberries and stir them into the batter before you begin whisking. You’ll likely need to add some additional water while you are whisking the batter. My personal pro tip when whisking is to add the water on-top of the baking powder (same with the water), the chemical reaction between the two ingredients will also help to make the pancakes fluffier. You also will likely want to add more water than you think you need for more volume.

For this recipe, I use my Dash mini griddle for perfectly round pancakes.

Let me know if you try this recipe and be sure to tag me in your recreations on Instagram @katiekreates_ #katiekreates



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