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Allergen Friendly "PB&J" aka "GB&CC"

Allergies are at an all-time high and are life threatening for many individuals. The peanut allergy is super prominent in my entire family and my brother is one of those with a life threatening allergy to peanuts. He also has a ton of other allergies that we can get to later-on.

So obviously I haven't eaten peanut butter since I was six years old and will never eat it again. I am scarred for life and the smell of peanut butter makes me nauseous now. I never liked jelly either, so it was usually a Peanut Butter Ritz Crackers combination in my preschool days.

As I followed social media content creators, recipe bloggers, recovery accounts and food brands, I came across this incredible company called Oat Haus or formerly known as "Kween & Co." on social media. The amount of people raving about the product combined with the company's personal goals and limited clean ingredient list left me inspired to give granola butter a try. The granola butter is actually made from gluten-free oats (not granola),various types of seeds like flaxseed, and uses maple syrup as the sweetener for the product. It also comes in so many good flavors that vary seasonally. The CEO, Ali Bonar, is an inspiring empowering female who recovered from an Eating Disorder and used her creation as a way to rediscover her love for food.

Granola Butter is now a frequent in my diet and I love pairing it with protein waffles. It literally doesn't get any better than the waffle and granola butter combination. However, I also wanted to find other more portable ways to use granola butter for work. When grocery options are limited and time is precious we can (k)reate spectacular results.

I really was trying to come-up with new ways to bring meals to work during my Disney College Program. A lot of my roommates and fellow cast members would make PB&J sandwiches which is clearly not an option for me.

Therefore, I created my own version of a "PB&J" which is honestly even tastier than the original combination and school friendly.

I take two slices of my favorite bread which is the Sprouted Grain Bread from Food For Life Baking. Then, I toast the bread in the toaster over. I always have to toast mine longer because I need to defrost the bread from the freezer. Next, you'll want to add 2 tbsp of your favorite granola butter flavor to the bread. The first few times I created this recipe I utilized the seasonal Pumpkin Spice flavor, but this recipe works with any flavor! My recent try was the coffee flavored granola butter which is even better than the pumpkin spice one in my personal opinion.

After you add the granola butter to the bread, take 2 tbsp of whipped cream cheese. I love cream cheese and the whipped cream cheese is my favorite type of cream cheese (unless we want to count the seasonal pumpkin one from Trader Joe's which is literally at the top of my favorite foods list ever to exist.)

There you have it.. a no-cook, tasty, filling, allergen-friendly meal/snack that you can take with you to school, work, sports or even enjoy it at home. It also makes for a great pre-workout snack with some fats (but not overwhelming) from the granola butter and the cream cheese to keep you full, whole grains from the bread, and a energy dense meal/snack.

You can save 10% on your Oat Haus Granola Butter order by using my code/link (OH108USGFMDQXL).



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