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Chef(ing) it up here and there

I love to cook, bake and create simple meal recipe ideas for the on-the-go person. I’ve always dreamed about being a recipe blogger and working with a variety of brands to craft healthy delicious food options. Maybe one day this dream will be a working paying job, but for now it’s a passion of mine that will certainly be shared here.

For the past few years, I've been balancing crazy work hours, college life and multiple side hustles which has not allowed me to fully develop the number of recipes I would like. However as a healthy eater and planner, I learned how to craft some key on-the-go foods to nourish my body and make me feel good. While not every meal may be as photogenic as that one... I will say one thing is for sure I make some pretty damm good pancakes and smoothies if I do say so myself.

I've been exploring fully developing recipes that range from easy meal preps and balanced simple dinner ideas to all the pancake, parfait and protein recipes one could possibly have. A lot of this is due to finding brands that I love and fit my lifestyle needs.

My love for cooking at home has definitely come from my parents. My family has a ton of allergies and my parents are passionate about cooking at home to save money, cater to all dietary needs and also because they are simply talented. Although, I’m no where near their level and just a tad pickier than they are. I’ve been enjoying discovering my own ways to fuel my body.

I've always been a health nut.. but it did spiral downward into an eating disorder (orthorexia/anorexia) during my freshman year of college. Photographing and crafting recipes is one of my biggest motivations and helpers throughout the recovery process. It's all about finding a balance amongst everything.

Join me on this journey to (K)reating recipes in the kitchen that everyone can enjoy.

You can also follow along my recipes and cooking adventures on Pinterest @katiekreates_ and on my Instagram @katiekreates_. I already have some stellar posts in que and cannot wait to share them all with you.

Oh, and if your wondering what my specialties are.. I could happily survive on pancakes, smoothies and avocado toast for the rest of my life.



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I'm a communications professional, recipe crafter, content creator and 22 year old working her way to wellness. 

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