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Healthy and Easy Pizza Tortillas

I’m always in-need of quick, easy, and tasty healthy dinner ideas. English muffin pizzas are a popular one on the market, but Pizza tortillas have been my go-to as of late because I always have wraps laying around the household whereas English muffins are more of a rarity.

Wraps usually have a longer shelf life as well and can also be refrigerated! My favorite wraps on the market are currently Tumaro's low-carb wraps. I tend to gravitate towards the multi-grain and whole wheat options, but all the flavors are solid.

You can use whatever wraps you’d like to make this meal. I’ve also used the Maria and Ricardo wraps and Trader Joe’s wraps before.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees before preparing your ingredients to allow the oven to warm up.

I always start off by grabbing two tortillas, because one is not enough for a solid meal especially if you choose to use low-carb tortillas like I do. I make the decision to use these wraps for more carbs elsewhere, to have multiple of them and increase my fiber intake for the day. P.S. I also just genuinely LOVE them. And loving the products you are using in your day is so important for meal satisfaction.

With that being said, I recommend that you pick out your favorite tortillas to make this meal for your own personal enjoyment.

Now I take a sheet pan for the oven and place it on the counter to begin crafting my meal. I just make the meal on the oven sheet pan to avoid more dishes and prevent a mess in the kitchen. I place my two tortillas directly on the pan to begin, You can put the tortillas over tinfoil, but I personally find no need to do that. Then I grab my sauce of choice which is either my dad’s homemade sauce or my favorite/only jarred sauce I’ve found that I like on the market, Primal Kitchen Tomato Basil Marinara, and spread approximately ¼ cup of the sauce on each tortilla. I recommend putting most of the sauce near the middle and leaving space on the edges to avoid more of a mess when consuming them post-cooking!

Grocery Shopping Tip: I always stock up on the primal kitchen sauce when its on sale at Whole Foods for that prime discount. It is on the pricer side, but worth it for me personally. However, I only buy it on sale and ensure that I make the most of each jar once it is opened.

Next up, I start piling on the veggies. My favorites are always spinach and bell peppers to add onto the top. I also love incorporating black olives on my pizza as well. Some may say veggies on pizza is unique, but my favorite pizza growing up was always salad pizza from our local pizza restaurants. My dad is lactose intolerant so salad pizzas were always a staple growing up.

You certainly can’t forget the best part of the dish, which is the CHEESE! I mean. If you're lactose intolerant like my dad you may want to skip the cheese, but if you couldn’t tell I am certainly a cheese lover, so I prefer my pizza tortillas with the cheese!

I use mozzarella cheese for the most part since that does happen to be my favorite cheese. For the ultimate taste, I prefer Belgioioso fresh mozzarella cheese or Stew Leonard’s fresh mozzarella cheese. However, you can also catch me using the Sargento light string cheese or shredded mozzarella from Trader Joes or elsewhere!

Place the tortillas in the oven for approximately 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted throughly.

I pair more veggies on the side of this dish to enhance the nutrition of the meal. My favorite side veggie is the asparagus from the freezer at Trader Joe's. All you have to do is pull out you preferred portion from the bag and place the asparagus on a microwavable plate. Cover the asparagus with a damp paper towel and cook it for approximately 2 to 2 1/2 minutes in the microwave.

The best part of pizza tortilla night is that everyone can play a role in making dinner by choosing whatever ingredients they would like to add onto their own pizza. Plus, you can make this meal multiple times and never have the exact same pizza. We always love that!



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