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Peppermint Chip Protein Waffles

Who says you can only have peppermint during the holidays? I love incorporating the warmth of peppermint year-round. Chocolate mint is one of my absolute favorite food combinations when it comes to having the ultimate flavor.

This Protein Peppermint Chip Waffle recipe reminds me of the Andes mints you always get after you finish a meal at Olive Garden and those Andes mints are my favorite surprise after a great meal out.

I love this recipe in-particular because you get a ton of additional nutrients from using cacao powder and cacao nibs. Both of these ingredients are high in antioxidants, provide a great deal of healthy fats, and add fiber into your diet. Additionally you get in some micronutrients from the

Protein. Chocolate. Antioxidants and Produce in a waffle.. I can’t imagine anything better.

You’ll need:

To start you’ll grab a mini bowl and take your half of a banana. Mash it well with a large fork and place on the side for the time being. For easier mashing, slice the banana pieces first.

Then, take your mixing bowl and add in the 2/3 cup of buttermilk protein pancake mix, the 2.5 tbsp of cacao powder, ½ scoop of chocolate protein powder and the mashed banana. Next, toss in the 2 tbsp of cacao nibs, baking powder and peppermint extract. On top of the baking powder add in your liquid egg whites and water. Use your own judgment when it comes to how much water you’ll need to add. I always add a bit extra to increase fluffiness!.

While I like to use the cacao powder and cacao nibs since I genuinely enjoy the taste and appreciate the health benefits that come with those ingredients, I know they are not accessible for most. To substitute these ingredients you can use cocoa powder and chocolate chips.

Another option is to substitute the buttermilk pamcakes’ pancakes waffle mix for the double chocolate chip waffle mix they have. Both are equally as delicious.

I love using the mini dash waffle makers for the perfect round waffles or to make some fun festive seasonal shapes with them.

My personal non-negotiable for these waffles is topping them off with Peppermint whip creams from the 355 brand at Whole Foods when it's in-season.. Once you try the Whole Foods 365 whip cream brand, I swear you’ll never want any other brand again. It’s just THAT good.

To save on your Pamcakes’ Pancakes mixes use my code KatieKreates for 10% off your order.



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