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Cafe Latte Mocha Protein Shake

When I say I make smoothies every day.. I honestly do. When I say I have a million smoothie recipes and make random ones all the time.. I truly do. But I can honestly say this is my absolute favorite recipe that I’ve crafted.

Many people drink coffee, but not everyone truly loves the taste of coffee. I truly love the taste of coffee and will gladly eat/drink all the coffee flavored things. In my opinion.. most products deserve a coffee flavor and if they do have a coffee flavor its probably my absolute favorite.

Unfortunately as I’m writing this blog, you can also hear my tears over the fact my current favorite protein powder, Iconic Cafe Latte, is unavailable. However, you can remake this recipe with any other coffee flavored protein powder or utilize the Iconic Cafe Latte Protein Drink as the liquid base and a vanilla/chocolate protein powder instead.

The key to this recipe is a frozen banana. Freezing the bananas ahead of time brings additional thickness and creaminess to the recipe.

I also use almost two full trays of ice when I make this recipe for additional fluffiness, thickness and that frozen texture.

To start off the smoothie blending process, I add 1/4c of greek yogurt into the blender. I like to use the Two Good Greek Yogurt Vanilla option. Then I place the frozen banana and the two trays of ice into the blender.

I usually save the other half of the greek yogurt for later-on as a snack or as a snack while I make the smoothie. You can add the entire thing in the smoothie, but it can prevent the smoothie from reaching the desired thick consistency.

To get the coffee flavored goodness I use one scoop of that cafe latte protein powder.

I like to use the Iconic Vanilla Protein Shake base as my smoothie liquid. I use 4oz in this recipe. This is where you can opt to use the Iconic Cafe Latte pre-made shake as a base instead of the vanilla if you choose to stay with one brands product and don’t have coffee flavor protein powder available .

This recipe packs a ton of protein, provides a boost of caffeine and is a great start to your morning or serves as the perfect midday pick-me-up.



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