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Healthy Panera Copycat Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches are a simple easy way to fuel your body for the day, are perfect to take on-the-go and are enjoyable for any meal. You are talking to someone who quite literally has breakfast for most meals most days. I just LOVE breakfast foods.

However, I didn’t really get into breakfast sandwiches until I tried the spinach feta and egg white wrap from Starbucks (if you haven’t had it this is a sign to get it on your next trip).

I immediately realized I liked egg whites and found myself eyeing the sprouted grain bagel egg white avocado breakfast sandwich from Panera on the menu. It’s a good one, but you can only get it before 10:30 a.m. and trips to Panera are certainly not as convenient as trips to Starbucks.

I decided to make my own version with one of my favorite frozen items that I discovered in Florida.

I was able to purchase egg white patties at Publix and immediately fell in love with the product. I need them to hit all grocery stores asap please…

The best part of this sandwich is that I packed it cold a few times for work at lunch and I genuinely enjoyed it as a hot and cold option. A cold option for a sandwich is always a win for when you are forced to eat things out of a fridge meal prepped which was basically every single day on my Disney college Program.

This meal is super easy to make, has balanced macronutrients and contains a great deal of micronutrients to start your day off on a strong well-fueled note.

To begin, you will need your bread/bagel base. I’ve made this a few ways before and they are all great options.

You can use an English muffin (I love sourdough or whole wheat options), or you can use an O’Doughs bagel thin. I also tend to always have O’Doughs bagels around because I store them in the freezer. They add a bit more crunch and are more of a Panera copycat since they use bagel thins for their sandwiches. However, if you are eating this meal cold, I recommend using a sourdough or whole wheat English muffin since I don’t freeze them at all.

Toast your bagel/English muffin to your preference to start off. While the carb base is toasting, grab the egg white patties from the freezer and microwave for approximately two minutes. I grab two of the egg white patties for this sandwich.

Once your bagel/English muffin is done toasting, spread avocado or guacamole mash/spread on it. I like to use Good Food avocado mash. Starbucks avocado spread or Wholly Guacamole singles. You can also substitute the mash/spread for an actual avocado. I just find using the single cups more convenient. Once you add the avocado spread, grab a few pieces of spinach to layer on top with the egg white patties. I love spinach and it provides some added micronutrients to your sandwich.

This last ingredient is optional, but I love adding Sargento ultra-thin slices of cheese to my sandwich. Cheese often gets a bad rep, but it has so many great health benefits with protein, calcium, and some healthy fats to contribute. I really like the ultra-thin Swiss and provolone options for this sandwich. The additionally healthy fats help to keep you more satiated which is important especially if you are working long hours with long breaks between meals.

When I tell you this is my absolute favorite meal on the planet right now, I am certainly not lying. I love how it incorporates my favorite foods and provides so many great nutrients as well.



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