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Favorite Restaurant Eats in Disney World

While I didn’t get the chance to try too many restaurants during my Disney College Program and my quick conference trip in September of 2021, I thought it would be fitting to share some of the good eats on a solid budget that I did have the opportunity to try.

I did take a trip to WDW in 2011 with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin as well and do remember some of the fantastic meals, so you may see one or two of those make an appearance on this list as well.

#1 The Boathouse: Disney Springs:

I love this place. They have literally everything on the menu ranging from seafood, veggies, steaks, chicken etc., The party I was with was a huge fan of the honey butter rolls that you start the meal out with as well. I’m a sucker for tacos and these Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos are the best I’ve ever had. I love that this location gives off a fancier vibe without being extremely expensive like some of the other places on property.

#2 The Grand Floridian Cafe: Grand Floridian Resort

My favorite thing about this restaurant is the fact they have breakfast items on their lunch menu. That’s such a rarity in WDW and I personally am always down for eating breakfast foods at all times of the day. I absolutely love the avocado toast here. This restaurant is on the monorail track, so I always recommend taking a trip before your day in the park or as a mid-day park break from the heat.

#3 Earl of Sandwich: Disney Springs

Since being home this is absolutely the place I miss the most. I was in heaven with the chicken and avocado wrap along with the turkey and cheddar wrap combinations. I think the next time I am able to make the trip to Disney this is the first place I’ll be going.

#4 Via Napoli: Epcot

Italian food at its finest in Epcot. This is definitely the better Italian restaurant of the two and I highly highly highly recommend trying a slice of Italian pizza heaven.

#5 Be Our Guest: Magic Kingdom

I totally ordered something off the menu here because I’m a pretty plain eater, but yes it was the best and most expensive piece of grilled chicken I’ve ever had. However, the experience of being in the beast's castle was unmatched. I wasn’t really able to even interact with the beast too much because of COVID-19.

Don't forget to try the gray stuff because believe me it's delicious.

On another note, I can't wait for the day I get to take my Mom to Disney for the first time and when that time comes we will certainly be splurging on a Be Our Guest dinner.

#6 Rainforest Cafe/ T-Rex Cafe: Animal Kingdom/Disney Springs

People have very mixed opinions on Rainforest Cafe and yes I know its a chain, but I didn't even recognize that until after my first experience because I don't have any near me. I personally have never had a bad experience at either location and always leave feeling satisfied with my meal and my experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the grilled chicken salad and quinoa pasta options that they have.

#7 Ohana’

I’ve been to Ohana’s for breakfast and while I'm not a huge fan of the menu.. I am a fan of the Waffles! Stitch waffles, fresh fruit and incredible service provided by the cast members at this place made it a memorable meal. I was fortunate enough that I was able to get a seat right over the water which provided the most magical of views during an early morning breakfast with my roommate. Ohana’ is a character meal currently, but was not at the time I went. You do get a feast for your meal for a very good price, I’m just the pickiest of eaters sometimes so meats and eggs are not my breakfast style.



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