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Gluten Free Cookie Dough Waffles

Raw cookie dough has always been my love language. With my brother's allergy to eggs growing up..eating raw cookie dough from my mom’s homemade famous chocolate chip cookies was never a concern.

Although let's face it.. We’ve all eaten raw dough with egg before in it and have survived thus far.

However, I rarely make her cookie dough for just me because it makes so many cookies and most of it will be wasted.

I was introduced to the Sweet Loren's Gluten Free Cookie Dough brand by my professor/second mother/mentor one night when we had an Olive Garden dinner with cookies for dessert bash. I was immediately obsessed with how tasty, how allergy friendly (top 9 allergy free) and how healthy they are for a cookie dough!

I’m a huge fan of the less sugar line particularly because I do not love things overly sweet. I’m hoping they launch all the flavors with the less sugar line one day soon. For now, the line comes with the chocolate chip and sugar cookie flavors.

The best part is that Sweet Loren’s is Top 9 allergy friendly, so my brother can also eat them and take them to his events. Plus, as I mentioned previously, it’s safe to eat raw.

Another great thing is you don’t have to make all the cookies or use all the dough at once. This is absolutely perfect for someone who is living alone. ‘

When I make them with my brother around though, I can confirm the cookies do not last a day.

Waffles are my favorite food group (we can make it one..), so naturally I had to incorporate the raw cookie dough into my favorite protein pancake mix Pamcakes’ Pancakes.

These cookie dough waffles are completely gluten free and pack-in over 60 grams of protein for anyone looking to get their protein in for the day.

You’ll need:

For starters, you want to take your cookie dough out of the fridge. I microwave my cookie dough for approximately 10 to 20 seconds before. You could also defrost them ahead of time if you would like.

While the cookie dough is defrosting, I make my waffle batter. I always start off by adding the pancake mix, protein powder, and cinnamon into the bowl. Next, I place a dash of vanilla extract.

I break the cookie dough bits into pieces and start placing them into the mix as well.

Lastly, I add 2 tbsp of baking powder into the bowl. On-top of the baking powder, I pour 3 tbsp of liquid egg whites with additional water. I whisk the batter and continue to add water until the mixture reaches a waffle consistency.

These waffles have the perfect balance of protein, fats and carbs which helps keep you satisfied until your next meal. I find that they keep me full without feeling overly stuffed as well.

It’s truly a recipe that I’ve been keeping on repeat as a fun way to consume two of my loves, waffles & cookie dough, in a nice balanced meal.

And if you didn’t know already I’ll forever be team waffles for dessert or dinner >> breakfast.



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