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Just "Peachy" Creamy Protein Smoothie

Two Good Greek Yogurt is one of my absolute favorite foods in the entire world. I’m a huge fan and will have multiple servings a day at times. Greek Yogurt is a great high protein addition to breakfast, lunches, snacks, desserts etc. I also love to add it into some of my recipes for the additional protein pack. It's a staple in some of my muffin and oatmeal pancake recipes.

When I was shopping for groceries, I came across a new product line with the Two Good Brand: Two Good Smoothies. Pre-made smoothies are typically not my thing, but it seemed to be more marketed as a drinkable yogurt in my personal opinion.

One of my childhood favorite snacks was those drinkable yogurt Danimals, so I thought I needed to give this product a try.

While the drinkable smoothies from Two Goods are fine on its own, I have discovered it’s even better blended with additional touches to make a homemade smoothie creation. In fact, that maybe the only way I consume them from now on.

Smoothies are my specialty, but I’ve always struggled finding a good peach smoothie recipe. This one is absolutely hands-down my new favorite recipe and uses five simple ingredients to make it come alive.

You’ll need:

- 1 Two Good Peach Smoothie

- 1/3 Banana

- 3/4c Frozen Peaches

- 1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

- 1 tsp Cinnamon

- 1 Ice Tray

I tend to use frozen fruit when I make a smoothie but since the Two Good Peach Smoothie is a thicker liquid, I opted to go half and half for this recipe.

I used a ⅓ of a fresh banana to help with the blending process and 3/4 cup of frozen peaches to keep the smoothie texture I love.

Cinnamon is a must have for me whenever I use peaches in my recipes. I love the flavor it adds to the peaches. It's even better with the added banana and vanilla protein powder flavor.

I add cinnamon into my recipes whenever I can because I most importantly love the taste, but it also has so many great benefits.

For additional protein and flavor, I added my favorite vanilla protein powder to the recipe. Iconic protein powder is my favorite one on the market currently. One scoop adds in 20g of protein! Protein powder gives it even more flavor and more texture as well.



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