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Simple Orange Cream Protein Shake

One thing about me is that I’m not really a huge juice person, I just tend to find juices overly sweet for me. Additionally, whenever I make a smoothie or opt to purchase a smoothie out, I always ensure it’s made with some sort of milk or yogurt base.

However, there are a lot of people who enjoy juices and there’s a lot of times where incorporating juices can be ideal for someone’s nutrition.

Since I discovered that juices on its own were too sweet for me, I decided to treat the idea of using juice in a blended beverage without adding additional fruit into it.

My inspiration actually came from discovering that I tend to like smoothies that have protein powder or a protein source in them better because the protein helps to balance out the fruits. Therefore, I decided to test the waters in blending protein sources with orange juice.

Eventually, I came across a winning recipe that I call an Orange Cream Protein Shake. Orange creamsicles were my favorite popsicle growing up, and I never make orange smoothies. This seemed like the ultimate winning combination to try.

The best part is that this recipe is ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS! How’s that for a simple quick healthy hydrating fix!

You will need

First and foremost, I added tons of ice into the blender. Since I wasn’t using frozen fruit, I wanted to make sure I had an icy consistency to the drink still.

Afterwards, I put one of my single serving vanilla cups of Two Good Greek yogurt into the blender. This is my favorite Greek yogurt brand on the market. The single serving cups equal ½ cup if you are measuring out of a larger container. I highly encourage using a Greek yogurt for additional protein and one with no/lower sugar to balance out the juice sweetness.

Once I placed the Greek yogurt into the blender, I added one packet of Slate Vanilla Cream drink mix. The drink mix contains 20g of protein in-it to balance out the orange juice.

Since I don’t tend to drink orange juice that much, I ended up purchasing a single bottle on a Starbucks trip for recipe testing days. It was super convenient, got me some extra stars, and I love the Evolution Fresh brand in-general. Their juices tend to not be super sweet and contain no added sugars.

I use 1 cup of orange juice as my liquid base. If you want more of a thicker consistency, I recommend adding around ½-¾ of a cup instead.

Blend the drink with some patience and pour into a glass to enjoy. This is a great quick snack, breakfast, or post-workout drink. It contains vitamins and carbs from the orange juice along with protein from the Greek yogurt and protein powder mix.

Let me know if you enjoy this recipe and what recipes you need created next in the comments below.



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