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Vanilla Bean Protein Waffles

Simplicity in flavors is sometimes the key.


I find we often try to overcomplicate things, but occasionally there is nothing wrong with a basic flavor to sooth your needs and can pair well with anything and everything. I also am prone to a sensitive stomach and can be nauseous at the combination of certain things so a vanilla bean is always an ideal option for me. 


Vanilla bean flavor also takes me back to the time I made homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream at my Great Aunt’s house on one of our family summer vacation trips as a child. Just another reminder that food is more than just ingredients, nutrition, and taste, but is also a form of memories, connection, and satisfaction. 


These Vanilla Bean High Protein Waffles are perfect for the summer and are a great way to add all the fresh summer fruit on-top. 


You’ll need:


To (K)reate this masterpiece, you’ll want to begin by taking a small regular sized bowl and mashing your banana.

In a medium sized mixing bowl, you’ll start by adding the dry ingredients of the protein pancake mix, collagen powder, protein powder, and cinnamon. Then start putting in the mashed banana, baking powder, slate French vanilla milk and vanilla extract. 


Start whisking the ingredients together and slowly add in water to your preferred consistency. 

Let the batter rise for a few moments while you heat up your waffle maker. I swear by the Dash waffle makers. They are affordable, convenient, and the perfect size for any apartment/home. They come in so many fun shapes and are super easy to travel with as well. 

The waffle makers also do the heavy lifting for you and the light function is key for knowing when your waffles are done. 

You may benefit by giving the waffle makers a little spritz of cooking spray to avoid the waffles from sticking. 

Once the waffles are finished you can top the protein packed deliciousness with your favorite toppings. I really love using Greek yogurt, cinnamon, berries, whipped cream, bananas etc., to make a more fulfilling and satisfying meal. 

Oh, and we don’t let the leftover milk go to waste either. There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of milk for added protein, nutrition, and hydration with this tasty meal. 

Seriously, though we don’t talk about the benefits of drinking milk enough and how it makes for a wonderful accompaniment to many meals. 

Now enjoy this yummy and satisfying breakfast and let me know what future recipes you would like to see in the comments below. 




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