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Let's navigate through life together (k)reating a life worth living.

Well... I’ve been debating on starting a blog for awhile now and finally decided to pull the plug. I have so much to share and want to be able to be an open authentic place for many.

Now, seems to be the perfect time to launch this as I’m striving to live life more fully, care less about what others think and move on to the next chapter in my own book.

I recently graduated college summa cum laude with a B.S. in Public Relations and a double minor in Journalism and Sports Media & Broadcasting.

Then... I took my tassel straight to the castle where I leaped across the country completed an extensive internship through the Disney College Program. I learned more about myself in six months than I have in years. I fully was able to become truly independent. I highly reccomend the experience to anyone willing to work hard for the mouse... and yes.. I love Disney even more than I did before. You can call me obsessed.

So.. you may ask where I am at now in my life..

“You are the key to unlocking your own magic. Reach out and Find your Happily Ever After.” - Happily Ever After (Disney's MK Firework Show)

Well.. that quote kind of sums it up.. I'm working on finding my happily ever after in life. I just made a move back home (already missing that Florida weather and independence that came with being on my own), and am figuring out the next stages in life.

I'm fully devoted to developing my blog, instagram and content pages. I have a recipe book that I've been working on to hopefully publish one day.

I've been looking at graduate programs and assistantships religiously because I'm fully ready to enhance my education to provide more opportunities for myself. I currently have 14 on my list.. and yes I did this research in two days. When I know I want something.. I give it my all.

Most importantly.. I'm working on self care and finding that true wellness lifestyle balance that I aspire to have. I'd very much like to be that work from home on social content.. walk to cute coffee shops and find fun workout classes to try kind of girl. I also aspire to be a traveler.. something my family isn't really into, but I love exploring and want to see the world.

Stay Tuned for more

Follow along for the journey.. read some relatable content.. view some of my content creation work.. remake my recipes and find some inspiration on your own path to living a happy well balanced wellness lifestyle.



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I'm a communications professional, recipe crafter, content creator and 22 year old working her way to wellness. 

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