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Chocolate Mousse Protein Pancakes

Accidental recipes are the best recipes.. At least that's what they say. I randomly tossed ingredients into a bowl and came out with this recipe for pancakes where my first words were “tastes like chocolate mousse.”

The combination of the cacao powder with the chocolate protein powder and buttermilk mix brings that chocolate taste to life. Additionally, the pumpkin in the mixture makes it creamy, soft and fluffy.

I love this recipe because it uses an entire cup of canned pumpkin which is one of my favorite foods plus it gives me a nutritional boost of veggies that I often need after long and busy days.

Because the reality of life is that veggies aren’t always the most convenient when you are on-the-go and working long shifts with minimal time to eat. You have to eat what's available and what you can digest in 10 minutes sometimes (and a large salad in 10 minutes just doesn’t cut it!) I think adding canned pumpkin into recipes like this is a great way to get in additional nutrients and is a fun way to get creative on incorporating fruits/vegetables into your diet.

I’ve had this one on repeat lately and the best part is that you can use whatever pancake mix you prefer to whip it up. I’ve been using the Pamcakes’ Pancakes buttermilk mix, but you can incorporate any protein or regular pancake mix that you please. If you want it even more chocolatey.. (is that a word?) use either a chocolate protein pancake mix like Pamcakes' Pancakes double chocolate chip or add more cacao powder/chocolate protein powder!

This recipe is a baseline, but I have absolutely added more cacao powder or protein to my recipe in the past.

. A little life tip for you all.. You don’t always have to be exact or reach perfection with everything, adaptability is key even in something as small as following a recipe.

A lot of my recipes can be made into pancakes or waffles, but since this recipe has so much canned pumpkin in it I recommend you use a griddle or Dash pancake maker for optimum results.

You’ll need:

Begin by heating up your griddle and grabbing a medium sized mixing bowl for your pancake batter.

Then add-in your ⅔ cup of pancake mix to the bowl. My favorite mix to use is Pamcakes’ Pancakes high protein buttermilk mix here. You can save 10% with my code KatieKreates.

Next, take your cacao powder and chocolate protein powder to the bowl. You can absolutely use more or less of these ingredients in this recipe. I found that using 1 to 2 tbsp of cacao powder with 2 tbsp of chocolate protein powder added just enough chocolate taste in this one. If you don’t have cacao powder you can substitute this ingredient for cocoa powder.

Afterwards, take your 1 cup of canned pumpkin and mix it well into the bowl. You will want to add-in the baking powder and liquid egg whites last to achieve the perfect fluff factor. Place the liquid egg whites along with the additional water you will need on-top of the baking powder,the chemical reaction between the two ingredients will also help to make the pancakes fluffier. Whisk your batter together and slowly add-in water as needed. Once you finish whisking, I recommend you wait a few minutes to let the batter rise before cooking.

Let me know if you try this recipe and be sure to tag me in your recreations on Instagram @katiekreates_#katiekreates



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