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Cinderella "Just Like Eggo" Waffles

You’ve all heard of the Cinderella latte. Well if you haven’t it is a white chocolate mocha with pumpkin spice flavor duo. This combination is A+ and extremely popular in a latte. I make many daily at Starbucks and even suggest it to customers all the time for the Fall season. So, I thought I would transfer this latte combination idea into "Cinderella" waffles with white chocolate chip and pumpkin spice pancake mix. Not only did they come out magically delicious, they were completely reminiscent of my childhood love for Eggos!

I mean who doesn’t love Eggos?

This has now become one of my go-to fall combinations for my daily dose of waffles because yes… pancakes and waffles are a daily occurrence in my day and they certainly can be in yours too.

I combined my favorite protein mixes, Pamcakes Pancakes, to start-off the batter. You can use my code: KatieKreates to get 10% off your order. (Bonus.. They are having a BOGO sale on White Chocolate Chip currently too.)

I use 1/3 cup (1 scoop) of Pumpkin Spice and 1/3c (1 scoop) of the White Chocolate Chip mixes. Then I add 1/2c + 1/8c of canned pumpkin into the batter. The pumpkin amps up the nutrition, tastes good, and adds fluffiness in the recipe. If you've been following me or know me well, you are also familiar with the fact pumpkin is also one of my favorite foods ever.

Next, I add in one scoop of collagen protein for extra protein into the mix. I use the unflavored version from Vital Proteins.

On top of the powders, add in approximately 2 tbsp of baking powder. The baking powder helps increase the fluffiness of the recipe. Once the baking powder is-in, add 4.5 tbsp of liquid egg whites directly on-top with water. I never measure the water out and just slowly add water in to the batter while whisking until I reach a desired consistency for waffles.

Let the batter sit for a few minutes and rise while you heat-up your waffle maker. Dash mini waffle makers are my personal favorite choice. They come in so many festive options, are easy to store, cheap, easy to use, and come in the clutch every night for me.

You can add 1 to 2 tbsp of batter to the mini waffle makers and cook until done.

Place your waffles on a plate, add some toppings, and have a magical meal reminiscent of your childhood favorites.. Cinderella and Eggos.



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