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October Overview

Sweater weather has fully arrived as Connecticut mornings and evenings are freezing from now until April/May.

The cold isn’t my favorite, as I get cold super easily. However, I’m learning to find ways to manage it to make it more durable.

I always envision wearing the cutest fall outfits, but sometimes you have to dress for comfort because I don’t know about you, but I am much more pleasant when I’m warm and not completely miserable.

September brought along a lot of new changes with my immediate family schedules and took some getting used to for the whole family. It definitely encouraged me to get back to my own independent ways as I did a lot more solo walks and self-dates post work at my Starbucks.

I’ve learned that once I get home from work I just want to eat, shower and relax. Usually, I’m tired and unmotivated to write, work on applications, send emails etc., Therefore, I have been using my time after work some days to brain power through my to-do list.

I’ve definitely discovered a newfound love for working in coffee shops and romanticizing work/homework. It’ll definitely be a staple place for me as I look at beginning graduate school next fall.

I will say I’ve definitely been better at sleeping more while it lasts. Call me a grandma, but early bedtimes are definitely a thing in my life. I know it won’t last too long so I’m enjoying it while I can. Early bedtimes lead to more early morning productivity.

I recently wrote a post about my bucket list for Fall 2022 and I’m hoping a lot of those activities fit into the month of October as I didn’t really get the experience to do any of the activities in September. That's alright though because the official fall season just began.

I’m so ready to find balance in having some Fall treats like Pumpkin Muffins (eyeing the new Gluten Free ones from Trader Joe’s and the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin from Starbucks), having a hug in a cup through warm drinks, and becoming more spontaneous in life.

I also cannot wait to go apple and pumpkin picking as these are some of my favorite days of the entire year.

So what else do I have planned for October?

My biggest plan is to focus on my daily content creation through TikTok videos and becoming more vulnerable/authentic with my audience. I’ve also been working on increasing my own organization through filtering through my camera roll and editing photos with correct album placing. I’ll be taking on the mindset that everything can be content for this next month!

I want to try and add back workouts into my day since I haven’t really done much of that lately as work can be pretty active with walks added-in.

I’m ready to photograph and create more fall/winter recipes and try new things! I definitely can get caught in the eating the same things over and over again pattern.

Plus, I’m pretty set on submitting my graduate school applications. I cannot lie. Sometimes I question whether graduate school is the right move, I fear my written pieces may not be good enough, and wonder if I’m making the right decisions. But my heart has been telling me to pursue graduate school for a few months and I think it’ll be a great fit at the end of the day.

I want to continue prioritizing self-care through nourishing my body more frequently throughout the day and earlier since I'm more active in the mornings versus the evenings currently. I desperately am in a desire to find a skin care routine that I can stick with and remember to practice daily. Plus, I’m looking at finding rhythm in different movement options as the cold will definitely discourage me from walking outdoors like I do during the summer months.

I don’t really have any big dates coming up this month that stand-out to me. Rather, I am just working on getting as many hours as I can working at Starbucks with the best people, becoming more confident in growing as a person and a professional, focusing on content material and getting those graduate school applications in, so I can reduce that stressor from my plate.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, balanced month of growth in the spooky season of October and remember that small changes eventually add-up big time. Focus on the smaller wins and the little things you can improve on day-to-day versus overwhelming yourself with the big picture.

P.S. Happy Halloween Month.. Maybe we shall be Olaf this year?



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