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Ways to Incorporate an Avocado in your Day

My freshman year of college roommate, Katy, got me addicted to avocado and I will forever love her for it.

Avocados are one of those foods I always feel better after eating. I genuinely feel like my skin looks so much better whenever I go through an avocado eating streak and even my digestion is improved. Plus, I will never get sick of eating avocado and would gladly incorporate this superfood into every single meal every single day.

It’s also one of the foods my stomach can almost always handle which is great for someone who has a sensitive stomach.

There are so many fun ways to incorporate avocado into your daily diet and I continue to stretch the capabilities of this superfood.

I could not have imagined ever doing some of the avocado combinations I have done in the past year a few years back.

Avocado Toast

Will start off with the most basic and obvious one: avocado toast. Avocado toast is the love of my life. My ideal avocado toast is mashed avocado on either a bagel, English muffin, or bread topped with Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning and tomato.

I tend to opt towards the O'Doughs gluten free bagel thins and Food for Life Baking ezekiel bread the most as my toast base, since those options I pretty much always keep around in my freezer. When I do have English muffins or other bagels I love topping avocado with those too.

I also love to order avocado toast at restaurants when I go out to eat.

So far, my favorite avocado toast ever is the Avocado Smash I ordered at Bluestone Lane in Armonk, NY. I begged my grandparents to switch up our restaurant date one day and it was SO worth it. I’m craving another trip just for this toast.

Although I will say the avocado toast I had at The Grand Floridian Cafe in Disney World is a pretty close second.

Disney Side Note: If you're planning a trip to Disney World.. The Grand Floridian Cafe is a must-do restaurant. It's on the cheaper side for sure, is easy to grab last minute reservations too and is one of the only places that serves its breakfast menu for lunch as well.

For a quick on-the-go option I love the avocado toast at Dunkin’, and I really appreciate that it's on sourdough bread because I love a good slice of sourdough. I never buy sourdough bread for some reason, so it's always nice when I can get it at a restaurant.

Another great option is ordering the avocado spread from Starbucks and adding it to a plain or everything bagel.


If you don’t have fresh avocado, guacamole is a great way to get this food into your diet.

During my Disney College Program, I purchased guacamole singles all the time and spread it on toast or an O'Doughs bagel to make avocado toast with it. I literally had that meal almost every day. It was perfect for meal prepping because I would pack the single serving guacamole cups and just put it on the bagel at work to prevent browning and sogginess. Plus, it saved me time and anything that saves a bit of time is a bonus when you're working long days and hours.

Guacamole is also great for nachos, tacos, and a quesadilla dip. Guacamole and veggies or guacamole with crackers is a fabulous healthy snack option that’s perfect for working, studying, or watching sports all day.


I tend to use guacamole, avocado mash or the amazing avocado tzatziki dip from Trader Joe’s a lot when I make tacos or quesadillas.

You can always add avocado into your quesadilla to help amp up the nutrients and tastiness. I do this when I omit cheese from a quesadilla to make the wraps stick together when cooking it.


Name a better sandwich/wrap combo than turkey and avocado, yep, there is none. Although, I also love a good mozzarella cheese and avocado sandwich to make the ultimate caprese sandwich combination.

Egg Whites and Avocado/Guacamole

As a Starbucks barista, sometimes you have to get a bit creative on your breaks with whatever food options are available. I discovered one of my new Starbucks favorites on one of those shifts. The egg white and roasted red pepper bites with the avocado spread on top. It’s so good and provides a little more sustaining substance to the egg bites.

I also came up with one of my favorite recipes ever one day at random. I used a sourdough English muffin, guacamole, Good Food Made Simple egg white patties, spinach and Swiss cheese to make one great meal. I’ve also done this recipe with an O'Doughs gluten free bagel thin and have omitted the Swiss cheese.

Protein Waffle Sandwiches

My absolute favorite way to enjoy avocado is mashed between my buttermilk Pamcakes Pancakes protein waffles. Two of my favorite foods mixed in one meal. It can’t get any better than that! I was definitely wary of trying this one at first, but you never really know what amazingness life can bring you when you take a leap out of your comfort zone.

Code: KatieKreates saves you 10% on Pamcakes' Pancakes


I don’t do this often, and listen I was as skeptical as you probably are, but adding frozen avocado into a smoothie helps make the smoothie super creamy while boosting up the healthy fats. I like to make chocolate avocado smoothies, so I always add Navitas cacao powder and Iconic chocolate protein powder into it. I usually pair avocado with a banana or pumpkin in the smoothie. I swear you can't even taste the avocado in it.

I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate avocado into my recipes, and am always searching for the best restaurants to try avocado toast with.

Drop your favorite avocado combination below and which idea of mine you can't wait to try next.



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