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Hello August

Summer is most certainly flying by, way too fast, in my opinion. I really value the summer weather in the northeast because I hate the cold.

July was a huge month of transitioning back home after living in Orlando during my Disney College Program. It certainly had its fair share of struggles, but there was also lots of success that came with it.

I definitely struggled mentally from being so active, so busy, and literally working almost every day for at least eight sometimes 14 hour days to all of a sudden not having any of that. Plus there was such a long commute, I was always on the go. It was definitely hard to continue working on increasing food with this less movement kind of thing. The last thing I wanted to do was feel locked in the house as well which is super easy to do at home because the place I live isn’t the most exciting and I don’t have a driver's license.

I was completely on my own in Florida, I had fabulous roommates but it's not like they are watching over every move, and as much as I love my family.. It’s definitely an adjustment sharing a house again when at one point had a super nice large kitchen, my own bathroom and a nice bedroom. Flamingo Crossings may have been pricey, but I LOVED my apartment space for certain.

However, I definitely made great strides as the month continued on. I poured my heart and soul into launching my blog which I’m excited to continue to pour my everything into. I also pulled together a portfolio on the page to display my creative capabilities and communications professional work.

I discovered that I was one hundred percent motivated to attend graduate school and have even determined my top four to five schools I’m applying to. I have my back-ups to those schools set as well, but I’m hoping to limit applications because it does get super expensive. Additionally, I have even uncovered a few pinpoint research topics I hope to pursue that combine passions of mine. These topics are focused around higher education, social media, food and nutrition, and sports. If I wasn’t a public relations major as an undergraduate student, I would have definitely been into sports management or on a registered dietitian track.

I spent some time with family and made a few breakfast dates with my grandparents which was certainly nice. Plus, I got to reconnect with high school friends which is everything.

A lot of summer weekends have been and will continue to be spent in the car as my family travels to my brother’s drum corps practices and competition performances together. Just wait for Fall marching band adventures.

I worked on photographing some recipes, and my brain is consumed by fun ideas to work on over the next year!

I even found a newfound independence of long walks. Although, I am getting TIRED of walking the same path everyday ALONE and it sadly does not end with a cute coffee shop or brunch place or Disney.. So that's definitely sad. 10/10 recommend blasting Disney music on those walks though.

Now that July has ended, I am looking forward to everything that August has to bring.

I’ll be returning back to my barista status enjoying crafting drinks and taking-in the heat standing at the oven at one of my local Starbucks. I truly love working there and I have such a great group of people I’m surrounded by during my shifts.

Here's an emotional video of me on my last day before I left for my Disney College Program. I'm looking forward to returning and working with these people again.

I’m continuing to pursue other career positions as well in the meantime while fully focusing on my blog platform and graduate school applications.

I am hoping to get a majority of my graduate school materials together by the end of the month/ mid-to-late September. Ideally, I’d like to have them all sent off by October so I can be considered for all the assistantships and other funding opportunities.

I am going to continue to build my brand through creating more recipes, videoing and photographing more of my days, and work on increasing my appearance on all social media platforms: Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, etc,.

I’m hoping to add more strength workouts and more food into my days while not caring about what others think as much. I want to continue to find my happy balance in life to set me up for success in graduate school.

I want to continue to fulfill my own cup through rediscovering and allowing myself to enjoy my passions of sports, dance, cooking, nutrition, fitness etc,.

Most importantly, I want to spend time out with friends and family, try new restaurants, try new recipes and show up as the person I dream of being.

Manifest your life. Romanticize your life. Live your life. Become the person you dream of becoming.

And maybe.. just maybe.... will I learn how to relax a bit in my own pool, because I still haven’t figured this relaxation thing out yet.

Drop some August intentions and goals you have in the comments below!



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