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It's Okay To Be Unsure

I absolutely love public relations, communications, journalism etc. It's an industry I’m passionate about. It encounters skill sets I have developed, worked on and are continuing to refine going forward. It lights a fire within me that fuels me when I get to complete this type of work.

My favorite part about this industry is the variety of career fields you can work within and the variety of jobs you can hold. In fact, the whole reason I began to look at communications as my college degree was because of my love for sports. I knew I was not going to be the next professional ice hockey player or dancer (maybe in another life), but I loved to watch and analyze the games.

Fantasy Football Draft with my Dad. We ended up winning this year.

In middle school I stayed up and watched every single New York Rangers game on TV that I could which was often accompanied by the noise of my mom telling me to stop screaming because I was too loud.

My wardrobe was New York Rangers, New York Yankees and New York Giants shirts and I honestly still own 95% of those clothing items.

In high school I rekindled my love for dance, started becoming involved in watching NCAA gymnastics (which I honestly prefer to elite now), and developed a passion for healthy living. I was pretty sure I trained myself well for college on that end.

That’s definitely a lie… college dining halls are rough….following everyone else’s habits is a bad idea…. and maybe deeper divulging was necessary into how to get nutrients into your day.

It’s an adapted lifestyle and one that definitely comes along with its struggles. However, you have to learn that it's okay to be independent from everyone else and make confidence in your own decision.

One thing I’ve been working on is applying my passion for health with updated knowledge of nutrition/fueling/freedom and incorporating it into life once again. With that being said, it's much harder said than done when you’ve accustomed your body to one way.

However, I feel like education is the best thing and talking myself through struggles with my own knowledge helps me daily.

This is why my newfound love, passion and desire to continue educating myself and others about nutrition makes me want to take a total of 380 in my degree and return to school to become a registered dietitian.

That’s a lot more school, a lot of math (I haven’t taken math since AP stats in high school), and organic chemistry required.

So, I often think it's unrealistic and I am pursuing graduate school for communications. But I’m not gonna lie and say that wondering if I am choosing the right path definitely leaves me with sleepless nights at times because If I could go back in time.. I think I would go to school to become a registered dietitian. I just love learning, I love educating and I love helping people.

My best friend of 22 years (seriously known each other since we were born) reminded me with a great message the other day. That it’s not too late to change paths if it’s meant to be, but I can also pursue both.

Life has no time limit. I’ll focus on communications for now, but I don’t have to give up my hopes and dreams of becoming a professional food blogger, recipe creator and registered dietitian from my life. You never know what opportunities life may bring you.

As I applied for communications masters programs, I wrote key research topics that I’m interested in on my statement of purpose for applying to graduate school. These topics are health, wellness, food and beverage branding, sports and higher education. One thought came to me and I quote, “I can combine my interests of sports, higher education, and food and nutrition through working with the sports nutrition department and/or the university's nutrition department.”

I’ll also keep pursuing my blog and my passion for healthy balanced living. I’ll keep working with my favorite brands and pursuing opportunities with content creation.

I’ll keep educating myself and working to trust my own knowledge and my own body again. I'll see what graduate school brings. Maybe I’ll have newfound opportunities that arise while I’m in my new home. You never know what life may bring as the best things in life are unexpected.

For now, I’m trying to focus more on the present, believe in my future and welcome a variety of opportunities in my life. I’m trusting this process of life that occurs. I’ll end this post with one of my favorite quotes I always reshare when it pops up.



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I'm a communications professional, recipe crafter, content creator and 22 year old working her way to wellness. 

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