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Settling in September

The smells of September and pumpkin spice everything bring serotonin like no other to my body. I love the atmosphere of the fall environment. Football games, apple picking, family adventures, shopping days etc., are just a few of my favorite things.

What I don’t love is certainly the colder weather as I am that weird person who LOVES the heat of summer. I’m already missing my sunshine walks and the heatwaves (believe it or not.)

There’s literally only one school I’m looking at that's not more southern than where I am now for grad school for this reason.

However, I always enjoy the activities that come with this season of life and I’m looking forward to what September has to bring.

August was a weird month. So many highs and so many step backs, but I’m turning everything into a lesson on how I enjoy living and what's best for me.

My brother did become a DCA world champion though :-) and I’m a super proud sister for that!

I discovered that even though I’m back home, practicing more independence is important for me and doing my own schedule. I love having my own schedule and not relying on others for confirmation, opinions etc., This is something I’m going to attempt to take more into September. I don't need to do everything as a family unit and can trust myself.

I also want to get back to daily workouts. I just have to find a fueling pattern, time, and space to complete what I want to do. Now that I’m back into a work schedule, and my family is back at their work, school, activities schedule. I’m hoping I’ll fully settle-in in this month of September.

I plan on going on more solo dates. Even though I work at Starbucks, you may certainly catch me there on my days off to relax with coffee, food, and work for grad school, my blog posts etc,. It may seem simple, but it is such a productivity and mental health booster.

I want to take advantage of all the fall goods and try some of my favorite pumpkin treats. As I mentioned before, pumpkin is my all-time favorite flavor. Therefore, I would love to try some fun pumpkin goodies and enjoy the tastes of fall this year.

In terms of work, I am doing some freelancing project, baristing (is that even a word?) at Starbucks, and investing in this blog. Furthermore, I am hoping to have all my grad school applications completed by the end of this month/next month! One statement of purpose is completely done, and I’m looking forward to finishing others. I may have a school gut-feeling now, but options are important for someone needing funding! So grateful for everyone who has reached out with advice and is assisting throughout the process. I’ve already met so many wonderful people and may be going to a school that I almost wasn't even going to apply too. Isn't it funny how that always works out?

I also plan on finding time to enjoy the things I love like settling down and watching all my favorite sports. I am heavily looking forward to enjoying college football Saturdays and NFL Sundays. The NHL season also starts in less than a month, and it’s also time for me to start working on my fantasy gymnastics draft for the NCAA gymnastics season ( my absolute favorite!).

NFL Fantasy Football draft with my dad! We won this year and I used the winning money to visit my dream school for undergrad since I got accepted. Unfortunately, finances prevented me from attending, but the trip in itself was a core memory I'll never forget.

In terms of television, I am SO excited because I am a massive DWTS fan, and my favorite professional dancer is back for the first time in years. Monday nights will now be “me” time, so I can enjoy the show and my love for dance.

Away from sports and television, I love spending time outdoors with hikes or long walks, dancing around in my room, creating recipes in the kitchen, shopping, and coloring for some side hobbies.

Now the first thing on my list for this month.. Is getting re-organized. This begins with cleaning my room starting with re-doing my drawers because I can’t find anything. I will be hanging-up my Loungefly Disney bags and Disney ears to bring a touch of magic to the space. Hopefully, I can frame some important documents like my diploma, awards etc., and hang-up some lights for the time-being. My goals are to put away my books, set-up my desk bike and organize my room to fit a cozy rug in it. Rugs always make things more homey and I love buying the one’s from Target! My mom also got me a new storage chest, and I’ll be placing all my cozy sweatshirts and other things in there to avoid them from taking-up all my drawer space! I think I’ll feel much better when I can have a space that I love, is organized and makes me feel good.

I also plan on re-organizing photos, college notes, and using a checklist to make sure I get all things done on the day that I had planned when things pop-up. This includes having time for myself. This is all for key accountability in setting yourself-up for work success, and physical/mental health success.

Here’s to fully settling in this month, finding time to allow myself to relax, exploring everything a fall Northeast has to offer (after all it could be my last one), and practice being more independent and having confidence in my own wants, thoughts and opinions.

P.S. treat yourself to that fall coffee for me. Okay?



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