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Must Have Gluten Free Items

Gluten Free foods can be hard to find for those trying to find replacements to their original favorites. However, there are so many great gluten free options out there that are even better than the non-gluten free version if you ask me.

Personally, I’m not gluten free. While I do have a sensitive stomach it hasn’t quite come to the result that gluten is the issue for me at this time. So, while I eat gluten free foods that I genuinely enjoy, I am not entirely gluten free. However, I have a lot of followers, friends, and family that do follow gluten-free diets. Over the years I have discovered some of my own gluten free favorites that I always like to keep in my house.

O’Doughs Bagels

I don’t remember how I came across these O’Doughs Gluten Free Bagels, but I LOVE them. I stock-up any chance I get when I come across a store that has them in-stock. I freeze them to make them last longer. Additionally, they can be found in the freezer aisle of some stores or in the bakery section of others. I have purchased them in Stop & Shop, Big Y and in Publix stores.

Three Wishes Cereal

Cereal made from chickpeas may not sound like your cup of tea, but I literally cannot stop eating it when I have it in the house. It comes in a variety of flavors as well. So far, my favorites are the original unsweetened, seasonal pumpkin spice and the cocoa. I usually only buy this cereal on sale because I refuse to pay $7 a box for cereal. It's the cheapest at Stew Leonard’s for me, but I also buy it at Whole Foods. It also has a decent amount of protein in it for a cereal which we absolutely love.

Barbara's Puffins Cereal

Okay this is my absolute FAVORITE cereal on the market. Growing up I was a huge Cheerios girl (still a great option), but I discovered this brand on social media and I've been obsessed ever since. I stick to the original flavor and it's super cheap compared to other cereal brands. I usually get it at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, but I’ve also seen it in stores like Shoprite, and Big Y etc.,

Oat Haus Granola Butter

Gluten-free granola butter sounds like a dream that may not be reality. But it is reality, and you should keep it in your cabinet. The granola butter is made from gluten-free oats, which is why I love it so much because I prefer oats over granola. I usually order mine online or find it in Whole Foods. You can use my code (OH108USGFMDQXL) and link to save 10% on your order.

I use my granola butter to top off waffles, cook in my pancake/waffle batters, blend into smoothies or make better than the classic PB&J sandwiches with.

Mush Overnight Oats

I never make my own overnight oats unless it's amplifying my Mush oats. This is such a great brand that has emerged so much since I first started purchasing them. I can now buy it at almost any grocery store when it all started with an online order and an occasional Whole Foods trip to begin. These make for a perfect breakfast, snack, dessert etc., I love to add fresh fruit and Greek yogurt for more nutrients into my Mush bowls. My top flavors are Dark Chocolate, Blueberry, and the seasonal Pumpkin Pie.


If you're looking for hot oats instead of overnight oats. I always recommend the RX Oats. These are great to take on the go and keep me full for a long time with the balance of protein, fats and carbs from the oats, almonds, and egg whites in them. I also love RX protein bars as a snack as well.

Made Good Granola Bars

I was never huge into granola bars, but these are a great allergen friendly option that I love pairing with a Greek yogurt or a protein shake. It’s also top 9 allergen free and a snack I always have on me for blood sugar drop emergencies.

Pamcakes’ Pancakes

My favorite food of all-time happens to be gluten free as well. It uses a gluten free oat flour base for all their mixes which I absolutely love. You already know I eat these basically every day, but they are a MUST-HAVE for me. So easy, so tasty, and so many fun combinations. You can use my code KatieKreates and/or my link to save 10% on your order. P.S. they aren’t just good for pancakes and waffles, but you can also make muffins, cake, bread, donuts etc., with them as well for even more convenient snacking on-the-go.

Hu Grain Free Crackers and Cookies

Hu has quickly emerged as one of my favorite brands to support. I love all their products from the crackers to the cookies to the chocolate. The grain-free sea salt crackers pair so well with guacamole. It's just an unbeatable combination. I also love the chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookie options.

Enjoy Life Cookies

Speaking of cookies, Enjoy Life also has some great allergen-friendly cookies. This brand is top 9 allergen free which is appreciative for me because my brother can also enjoy them. Enjoy life has soft baked and hard cookies for those who like a variety.

Partake Cookies

One last cookie favorite because you can never have enough cookies is Partake cookies! My favorite thing about partake is you can purchase single serving snack pouches which are so convenient for road trips, lunches and just when you don’t feel like opening a box. They also have seasonal packaging which is super fun!

Simple Mills Baking Mixes

I tend to make this from scratch, but when I’m in a rush I always grab my Simple Mills baking mixes. I appreciate the limited ingredient list, limited added sugars and the fact they taste just like a homemade baked good when it's all done and finished. Highly recommend you give my Pumpkin Vanilla Cupcakes a try the next time you grab the vanilla cupcake mix from the store.

Go ‘Nanas Banana Bread

Another great pre-made mix for baked goods in the Go ‘Nanas Banana bread mixes. This brand is so fun because they are always launching new flavors and keep ingredients to a minimum. This banana bread company gets a thumbs up from my entire family which can be quite challenging. It’s another top 9 allergen friendly brand too which we love. You can save 10% on your order with my link and/or ode KatieKreates.

Banza Pasta, Pizza and Mac n’ Cheese

More love from me for chickpeas. Banza makes gluten free pasta, pizza, and mac n’ cheese with chickpeas. I love to prepare pasta salads, cook a frozen pizza, and enjoy their absolute divine mac n’ cheese. My new favorite product from them is the microwavable mac n’ cheese that is so convenient for traveling and work meals. I’m just awaiting a microwave pasta and rice launch from them next.

Dr. Praeger’s Gluten Free California Veggie Burgers

A lot of veggie burgers contain gluten because they use grains as a bind in the burger. Dr. Praeger’s specifically has a gluten free version of their California veggie burger that is one of my favorite meal options and a great way to sneak in some extra veggies. I’ve genuinely had both the gluten free, and the non-gluten free version and I swear the gluten free one is worlds better anyway.

Siete Taco Shells and Chips

Homemade nachos and chicken tacos anyone? I love the Siete brand for their grain-free hard-shell tacos and the grain-free chips. These are absolute party must-have especially as we approach Superbowl Sunday within the upcoming month.

FitJoy Grain-Free Pretzels

My entire life I’ve always been a fan of pretzels and crackers over chips, so I was certainly ecstatic when I found this new favorite. These Grain-free pretzels are delicious, but they can be hard to find. I usually purchase them in Big Y, but they are rolling out in Target nationwide. If you haven’t ever made chocolate covered pretzels or dipped pretzels in vanilla ice cream... This is your sign to do that like now

Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is actually the only popcorn I’ll probably ever buy and eat again. Not a huge popcorn girl but will die for this popcorn. The best part about it is that it’s such a healthy snack with whole grains, fiber, and healthy fats from the olive oil. This is most certainly the most underrated item at Trader Joe’s if you ask me.



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