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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Healthy eating often gets a bad rep for being expensive, and yes it can certainly be more pricer at times which is frustrating. I try to adopt the mindset that spending more now may save money later-on in life. However, I also understand that not everything can fit into my budget that I aspire to at all times and maybe one day it will.

I often try to find good sales on special foods and understand what grocery stores are better for certain products. I recently discovered that Trader Joe’s is honestly one of the best places to shop for cheaper grocery hauls. I really missed having full access to one during my college program and wish they had an instacart options at times!

Here are some of my top grocery ideas and tips for meal options.


Bananas are a must-buy all-year-round. Bananas are arguably the cheapest fruit/vegetable in the grocery store and are so usable in many ways. You can make them into pancakes, bread, muffins, blend them into smoothies or even add them in yogurt bowls/oatmeal. I love how versatile and cheap this fruit is. Bananas require zero refrigeration as well and can be frozen when they are turning bad rather than thrown out.

One of my favorite recipes for low grocery moments and a cheap meal option is my banana yogurt pancake recipe. It packs in fiber, protein, whole grains and healthy fats without using any protein powder.

Produce in-season.

You may have to limit how much produce you purchase, but I highly recommend focusing on finding what's in season. Usually those produce options will be cheaper, better tasting and have a higher chance of being on-sale. I share the seasonal produce at the start of every month on my Instagram stories.

Store brand vs. Popular brand

Sometimes you have to give the store brand a try and venture out from the staples. Although not everything is as good as the brand you love, there are some foods you may find you prefer the store brand with. I love to buy store brand frozen fruit/veggies, snacks etc. These changes add up in big ways when you look back.

Frozen Veggies

Trader Joe’s has frozen brussel sprouts for 99 cents and I love the frozen asparagus they have. I’m sure you can find other options in all different types of stores as well.


The price of cereal has skyrocketed, but oatmeal is more stable in price. Plus you can do so much more with oatmeal including pancakes, smoothies, overnight oats, regular oats. It's also a great thing to pack on-the-go and in dorm rooms! I love oatmeal with Greek yogurt for an easy and healthy breakfast option.

Buy in Bulk

This doesn’t necessarily always work for everyone’s life situations, but buying in bulk can certainly save you money especially if you can grab a good sale. Another tip is purchasing a big jar of applesauce for instead of 12 single cups of applesauce.

Buy on Sale

If there's a super special product or food I want, I try my best to buy whats on-sale. Mush Overnight Oats, Lily's Chocolate Chips, Three Wishes Cereal are just a few of the pricer brands I only purchase on sale. I try and even plan out my meals for the week based on whats on sale at the store.

Frozen Protein Sources

I love seafood, but it gets so expensive. A cheaper option is to purchase frozen filets at a bulk store like BJ’s, Costco or Sam’s club. It’s still pricey, but it is a more affordable way to enjoy food plus it typically lasts a longer period. I also tend to purchase frozen meat burgers from Trader Joe's as another way to keep protein on-hand at a cheaper pricer.

Canned Fish

Canned fish is a super cheap and shelf-stable way to get a source of healthy protein. Canned salmon and canned tuna in water are some of my favorites.


I love yogurt so much and it is such a great snack option. Dannon yogurts almost always have 10 for 10 deals going-on at popular grocery scores. They carry multiple different lines so you are sure to find one you enjoy. I really love the Two Good brand line or the Oikos Triple Zero, while my mom prefers the Light & Fit versions.



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