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Women Owned Food Brands to support for Women's History month

March is Women’s History Month and I’m always a fan of supporting women owned businesses whenever I can. Empower, engage and support your favorite brands, your best friends, and smaller owned businesses.

Each one of these brands and their female founders have guided a path for entrepreneurship and continue to inspire me on a daily basis.

Yes, some of these are probably going to be repeated that you’ve seen me feature on the blog before, but I use some of these items daily and like I said before.. support those businesses you love.

Pamcakes’ Pancakes

I use this product pretty much every single day because I love the macronutrient balance, I love the taste and I love the fact you can just use water to mix them or you can use so many add-ins. I love using ingredients like cacao powder, canned pumpkin, banana, blueberries, protein powder, egg whites etc., to help amp up the nutrients in them. I have a ton of my fancier recipes with Pamcakes' Pancakes on my blog that you can find for the tastiest ways to amplify this mix. Pamcakes' also has a ton of different flavor options on their website and seasonal options. My top choices are Pumpkin Spice, Buttermilk, and Gingerbread (seasonal option).

I’ve also been very fortunate to have the MOST amazing interactions with the business owner Pam Hysinger. She is extremely inspiring and the sweetest soul you can interact with. It brings me joy to be able to have conversations with her and the fact she is so open to hearing ideas like the Pancake Pal option they have recently launched where you get to send sample packs to a different address (like your friends) to try.

Pamcakes is a gluten free option as well as it uses a gluten free oat flour base for all their mixes which I absolutely love. These mixes are a MUST-HAVE for me. So easy, so tasty, and so many fun combinations. You can use my code KatieKreates and/or my link to save 10% on your order. P.S. they aren’t just good for pancakes and waffles, but you can also make muffins, cake, bread, donuts etc., with them as well for even more convenient snacking on-the-go.

Oat Haus

Oat Haus aka the world's best butter spread made from oats. Oat Haus is a top 9 allergy friendly brand that is made from gluten free oats instead of a nut.

I came across this brand on social media and was so inspired from the owner Ali Bonar’s personal story. Ali has struggled with an eating disorder in her past and cannot eat nuts. She created this brand as an alternative to nut butter (Anyone who has ever gone through any type of ED recovery knows how much everyone advocates for nut butter) and as a way to put the fun back in food. Ali is also super authentic on her social media platforms with her health, lifestyle, and the behind the scenes of creating and owning a business which is so appreciated.

The best way to eat granola butter is with Pamcakes’ Pancakes, but I also love making sandwiches, wraps, waffles, pancakes, toast and incorporating it into smoothies.


Partake Foods is a small-business start-up company that is top 9 allergy friendly. The company was started by Denise Woodward. I came across this brand in 2020 with my intention to support more black owned businesses’ and this brand is a black women's owned business. My favorite thing about partake is you can purchase single serving snack pouches which are so convenient for road trips, lunches and just when you don’t feel like opening a box. They have chocolate chip and sprinkle cookie options at Target. I have also found Partake cookies in Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s etc. So far I’m a huge fan of the chocolate chip cookies, but I cannot wait to get my hands on more flavors. Partake also has launched pancake mixes and baking mixes as well. I haven’t quite had the opportunity to try them yet, but the pancake mix is definitely in my Target cart.

Go‘Nanas Banana Bread

A great pre-made mix for baked goods in the Go‘Nanas Banana bread mixes. This brand is so fun because they are always launching new flavors and keep ingredients to a minimum. This banana bread company gets a thumbs up from my entire family which can be quite challenging. It’s another top 9 allergen friendly brand too which we love. I often make the bread as muffins because I find them so convenient to pack for work and as a great pre-workout snack.

As a brand ambassador for the company I will say they have the best community Zoom sessions that are a perfect way to unwind after a long day of work. They are always super open to hearing ideas, offering deals, and just launching casual chats and educational sessions with guest speakers.

Sweet Lorens Cookie Dough

I usually make cookies from scratch, but I was able to try this brand when I attended a gathering with a family friend who is gluten free. I loved the product and loved the limited ingredient list while also being allergy friendly. My brother took the low sugar sugar cookie ones to a last minute band event one night and they were a huge hit. I like to purchase the less sugar chocolate chunk and sugar cookie options because I don’t love overly sweet options. Stay tuned for some more recipes from me with the cookie dough as I’m playing around to find the perfect cookie dough protein shake and pancake recipes for you.

Vermont Nut Free

This brand has been a staple for my family ever since my brother was diagnosed with a million allergies. Vermont Nut Free is an allergy friendly chocolate brand that my mom has ordered chocolates from for over 12 years now. Their customer service and product quality is top notch. I love the skippers as alternatives to M&M’s and the rice krispy chocolates were always a favorite of mine growing up. My mom uses the chocolate chips in all her recipes and as an add-in to her Greek yogurt. They also have the best seasonal chocolate items. Allergy friendly easter bunny chocolate.. Yes please. This is one of the OG allergy friendly chocolate lines and it's always great to continue to support these small businesses that paved a huge path in allergy awareness.

Siete Grain Free

I love the Siete brand for their grain-free hard-shell tacos and the grain-free chips. These products are great for making some nachos, for homemade tacos, and even homemade quesadillas.


Core Perform

I won a giveaway gift card to Core Perform on Instagram which led me to the opportunity of being able to try my absolute new favorite Plant based protein powder options. I love having a variety of brands to diversify the protein brands I use. I think it’s super great that this brand also has minimal ingredients, is created by a female registered dietitian who focuses on gut health, and has unique flavor options! Maple Banana Bread and Rice Krispy.. count me in please!


Convenience foods can oftentimes be the key to success and I love having overnight oats in my fridge stocked rather than making them myself. Mush overnight oats are an absolute lifesaver for me. Super great meal option, snack option, dessert option. I am OBSESSED. I always love to add greek yogurt and fresh fruit to my Mush oatmeal bowls.


Bars made from whole ingredients are something I try to prioritize when I’m picking out a quick snack. Larabars have minimal ingredients and are a super great pre-workout snack to get in some carbs as well. They also have a protein bar line which utilizes vegan protein powder. I really love the seasonal pumpkin flavor, the apple pie protein flavor, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Let me know what your favorite women owned brands are in the comments and how you are supporting women entrepreneurs this month.



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