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A guide to all my blog posts in 2022

I finally accomplished a goal of mine in 2022. I started my own website which houses my portfolio, my recipes, my thoughts, my top tips and hacks. A lot of this blog is focused on living a healthy lifestyle. Crafting nutritious recipes, sharing my favorite hacks, and finding freedom in eating all the things. However, it also focuses on mental health, finding my favorite items, and encouraging others to look out for themselves.

I've been hard on myself these past two months for not writing as much, not creating as much recipe content on my blog, and not being as vulnerable as I could on here. However, for someone who started the blog in July, has gone through so many different life "eras" in one year, and has focused on graduate school applications while working as much as possible.. I think I can look back and be proud of what I accomplished knowing there's room to grow from here.

Here's a link to all my blog posts from 2022. I categorized them a bit for some organization, but as anything in life.. they can all fall into a multitude of categories. I hope you read some, I hope you try a recipe or two, and I hope you gain something from what I share.

Let me know what your favorite posts of the year have been in the comments and let me know what you want to see in 2023.

You can always find more content from me on any of my social pages and all my links on my linktree.

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I'm a communications professional, recipe crafter, content creator and 22 year old working her way to wellness. 

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